Great cups of coffee in New York

A big bowl of cafe au lait at Pastis

Pastis Bowl. This’ll keep you going all day.

Had a beautiful but tepid latte at Stumptown at The Ace Hotel


Birch Coffee, my new favorite place. Great vibe. Good coffee. Cool crowd of European tourists from the Gershwin next door. NoMad.

The teeny tiny Blue Dog Cafein Chelsea. Nice people. Norwalk Press juices.  

This is about as big as it is. I was sitting at “the far end” of the little cafe.

The Smile in Nolita. Groovy little spot in the basement on Bond Street.

A nice little macchiato at The Smile.

Think Coffee in the Lower East Side.

They were playing Loony Tunes tunes on the stereo.

Mojo Coffee, my old stomping grounds and go-to-place in the West Village. Really nice design on the inside, feels like you’re on the inside of a violin. Great breakfast burritos. Pretty WV crowd. 




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