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May 2013

Always something new at Madison Square Park

(New York) — Each summer there’s a new epic art installation at Madison Square Park that is subtle, but always blows you away.  This year, there’s a new installation by Orly Genger based on thousand and thousands of miles of tied knots of lobster rope, looping around the trees in vibrant colors that mess with your brain.    


(New York) — It’s been a year or two since my last visit, but thought I’d try The Bowery Hotel again.  Still an awesome place to hang out and catch the scene.  You’re in it. All sorts of fun people watching, seeing some famous people…and wondering who everyone else is.  And enjoy when the paparazzi pop out between the plantings and get disappointed when it is just you. But also fun to check out the NYPost and see who was staying there at the same time and you didn’t even realize it. The rooms are just very well done, some big, some small. But even the small ones are little jewel boxes. And about the best water pressure in the city.  Check out the restaurant

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