You should eat here in Santiago

[SANTIAGO, CHILE] — I only spent two nights in Santiago, so didn’t have a chance to eat around much, but here are places that I liked and would recommend.

In Bario Lastarria, which is where I’d just go an walk around, there are lots of cool places to duck into. In prime spot right on the corner is this nice little place with prime outdoor tables for great people watching, right on the corner of Paseo Barrio Lastarria…I think it might be called Gatopardo, but not sure.   You can’t miss it, by the awnings and cool building backdrop below.


Bario Lastarria is a bustling tree-lined street by the University with shops, restaurants and bars. Tons of outdoor dining and people watching.


Restaurant Gatopardo in Lastarria

Restaurant whose-name-I-can’t remember in Lastarria.


LASTURRIA - Gatopardo

The Paseo starts on a prime corner in Lastarria. You can duck down this alley and there are another six or so bars and restaurants, jammed with people at all hours. This is the perfect neighborhood.



Barrio LASTURRIA restaurants and bars

Ducking down this alley opens up onto a whole plaza surrounded by jammed bars and restaurants.




Buffalo Waffles? In Santiago? Yes.


Hogs hotdogs completo in Santiago

Who knew that hotdogs were one of the national dishes of Chile, especially in Santiago. They’re called “completos” — hotdogs with the works — and loved this quick serve standup hot dog stand in Lastarria called Hogs. Great design. 

Hogs completos Santiago restaurant

Here’s a beautifully shot blog I stumbled on about completos all over Santiago.




Mercado Central — located just off the city center, Mercado Central is really outstanding. A huge lumbering Victorian iron structure with lots of stalls and stands serving food and drink and happiness. Just go and spend hours there.  You can read about it more on TripAdvisor and WikipediaSantiago El Mercado Centrale - 12

Santiago El Mercado Centrale - 16

Santiago El Mercado Centrale - 04

Santiago El Mercado Centrale - 02

Santiago El Mercado Centrale - 19

Santiago El Mercado Centrale - 20


Bario Bellavista — another bustling neighborhood that comes alive at night. Chock full of outdoor cafes, bars and galleries. Gorgeous treelined streets.



Santiago restaurant Republicano - 7

I just stumbled across this perfect restaurant in Bellavista called Republicano — if the sign’s good, you know the inside must be good. I just loved it.



Santiago restaurant Republicano - 6

You know, when you think “I just want to find a classic cool restaurant to hang out in in Santiago” this place comes from Central Casting.

Santiago restaurant Republicano - 4

Lively music, boisterous patrons, cool decor. What else do you need?

Santiago Republicano - 3

Santiago Republicano - 9


Last visited October 2013

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