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[SANTIAGO, CHILE] — There are lots of great neighborhoods in Santiago — take some time to read about each one — I was just in and out for a night on each end of my trip to Chile, but these are some of my favorite places I stumbled onto.

Santiago is so cool. Lots of barrios, each with their own personalities. And so clean. Everyone’s well-educated, with great style and gathering together to talk about what’s happening in the world. And Chile. And one thing I walked away with was the power that the internet has had on the world. Our world used to be dependent on manufacturing and industry, now all these great capitals are thriving with thousands of internet, app and web design firms popping up all over the world — every city needs it — and are connected to what’s happening, everywhere.  You see a connectivity, not just in the internet, but what’s happening. And no place exemplifies that more than Santiago.

Here’s a great overview of what to do in Santiago from The New York Times 36 Hours in Santiago.

There’s a little hump in the middle of the Centro downtown. I think it is called Santa Lucia. Looks innocuous, but climb up it. Cool little niches and architectural follies and great views of the city, like a guanaco peeking up above and around the whole city. You’ll see a great cross-section of people, mostly local, climbing up the mound to explore, celebrate and just relax. It’s like a vertical park.


I really fell in love with the Barrio Lastarria, near the art museum and tons of restaurants. I was there in late November of 2013 and all the trees were just coming into bloom, casting a lilac hue over the entire main street.  I went all over the city but kept coming back here, especially to eat. Love the vibe. And feels like a genuine place where everyone hangs out. Here are some comments from Trip Advisor.

Another placed I loved was the Mercado Central. Go there. Hang out. Eat.


You should also just go walk around Barrio Bellavista.

Here are some more references to read up on:  including this great Santiago travel section in the NY Times.  Other logistics from Wikipedia.  A great Santiago guide from Conde Nast Traveler.  And a guide from Travel & Leisure.  And a great Insider’s Guide to Santiago from the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a great article on the resurgence of Lastarria in the NYTimes Travel Section.

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