[RAVELLO, ITALY] –  Years ago I finally realized what I really like: cliffs, overlooking a distant ocean, preferably with a pool clinging to a steep hillside.

From then on, it’s been my focus on choosing where I go on vacation. (You’ll see this as a common theme throughout this site!)  Palazzo Avino fits all of those criteria. Plus, small, quiet and really expensive. After a recent remodel, it is on almost every Top Ten list of all hotels in the world. They have some rock star-great rooms and terraces, with prices to match.

Sitting high on a hilltop in Ravello, dubbed one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, sits Palazzo Avino.  When I was there in ’04 it was called Palazzo Sasso, also famous in its own right. But it looks pretty much like they kept all the good stuff. It truly does feel like you are royalty, in a grand villa, clinging to the side of a steep mountain, the ground dropping dramatically beneath you, leaving nothing between you and the views.

Because of its location, Ravello’s status as a wealthy enclave, this is tres cher, but worth every penny. You only need to spend a night, two tops, here so why not splash out on the best to take advantage of, arguably, the Best View in the World. I splurged on a big suite, with its own huge terrace, right along the cliff.

The restaurant is equally perfect. You’ll want to have every meal there, although don’t miss the awesome cafes in Ravello. Here is their website.  And here’s a great website about Ravello, restaurants and other hotels. A brief article in Conde Nast Traveler, and a snappy review in Tatler. And this article in Forbes explains the name change and recent renovation.








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