[DALMATIAN COAST, CROATIA] — Highly recommend you try and swing a sailboat charter in Croatia.

You can backpack or ferry between islands, but having your own steam allows you to duck in and out of the thousands of islands along the Dalmatian coast.

These pics are a companion post to my boat pics, following along our route chronologically so you can get a feel for how you can visit a completely different place every single day, without leaving your boat.

You pick up your boat in the surprisingly cool Split, then poke your way amidst the islands towards Dubrovnik. The itinerary is your own. Only a start and end date. The rest is up to you. You can get a boat of virtually any size to match how big your party is. Regular sailboats, catamarans, or what we chose, a unique Turkish gulet. Or you can play in the party that is Yacht Week, a brilliant way for small young groups to meet other like-minded people of your age. Ohhh, if this was around when I was young…

But now, I’m older. And so are my friends. So this is how we did it.

Chartering Queen of the Adriatic for the week during peak season can be about $25,000 for the week, which sounds like a lot, but when you factor in 12-15 people, six cabins with their own bathrooms, a crew of four, including a chef, a deckhand/bartender/waiter,  and even a masseuse, that becomes much more reasonable. Especially when you factor in that that includes abundant breakfasts, gourmet lunches and all the booze you can drink. Oh, fuel, taxes and other incidentals. So for about $2,000/person, you can live like an oligarch, sail with your best friends and go where you want to go. CANNOT be beat. Best trip I’ve ever had.

Here’s a great resource article in the New York Times on chartering you own yacht.

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