[ROMA] — There are fancier places to stay in Rome, but one of my favorites is the Albergo del Senato, directly across from my favorite building in the world, The Pantheon. It is small, Old School, but delightful. You can’t beat the location, smack in the heart of everything good. And right around the corner from the best gelato in Rome, Giolitti.

If you can’t get a guarantee from the hotel for a Pantheon view, then there are other hotels I’d choose. (I once had a broom closet of a room once that wasn’t and it looked out onto a blind alley.)  But if you can secure a room that overlooks the Pantheon, there is no place better to stay in Rome.


If you can secure a room that overlooks the Pantheon, there is no place better to stay in Rome.


You want to stay in one of the upper rooms that have floor to length windows, request that, otherwise you might get just a square window. ( My sister Janet always seems to have great luck with that.) There’s an awesome rooftop bar that overlooks the Pantheon and a rare view of the rooftops of Rome. Nobody knows it’s up there, so if you’re not staying at the hotel, at least sneak up to the hotel bar on the roof and enjoy sunset cocktails… one of my favorite secrets in Rome.

Here’s their website




Albergo del Senato view

What you see when you actually get out of bed and open the floor to ceiling windows at Albergo del Senato. All of life in Rome happening right below you. There are lots of hotels with great views in Rome, but this is why I always keep coming back here. Riiiight here. But don’t tell anyone…oh wait…


Albergo del Senato Room View Pantheon

Certainly, there are some very nice hotels in Roma, but few can compare to the I-woke-up-like-this view from your bed at the Albergo del Senato. I mean, The Pantheon, smack on the lips when you wake up… even with Morning Breath. 
My favorite building in the world.
Contrary to most hotels, the lower floors actually have a better view, I believe this is 4th floor, corner. You get right up close to read A G R I P P A . Compared to other hotels in Rome, this one’s a pretty good value. But pay extra for a room in front, overlooking the best piazza in Rome – I’ve had a cheaper dark broom closet in the back that was rotten, you might as well be by the Termini.


Piazza della Rotonda at nightHere’s the outside, looking in. Thats the Albergo del Senato on the left. You can pick your floor from here. 2nd or 4th floor is what you want, just make sure you get one with big windows. My favorite piazza in Rome. Looking at this makes me want a 🍸or a 🍼. Could go either way…

Albergo del Senato Pantheon view

One of the great secrets about this hotel is that it has its own private rooftop terrace bar, overlooking all of Rome. All that rainbow of faded orange, yellow and ochre hues spread out before you and your cocktail. A kind man in a starched white jacket bringing endless vino, crisps and olives. But what’s also cool is you get right up close to the 🔝 of the Pantheon and its unblinking, one-eyed oculus.🔘 For an architecture geek like me, this is as cool as being on the Starship Enterprise and narrowly avoiding getting sucked into a black hole. Man, looking out over all the red rooftops, I certainly couldn’t figure out anywhere else in Rome where you can get thisclose and see how cool this building is built. With its endless ⚫️ in a ⬛️ design. I must admit, being up here, there is a completely overwhelming urge to want to throw an olive into the hole on top. But I thought better of it… and gently placed it back into my martini. 


SP, DV. (Same Pantheon, Different View)



Pantheon Oculus

Here’s the inside of the potential olive-capturing device. I love me some oculus.




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