(Outside Copenhagen) — When I read about the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, I himmed-and-hawked about making the treck out to the countryside. But boy oh boy am I glad I did. You take a quick train and then walk a few blocks, but the setting is what makes this such a special place.  Okay, the art too.  Set right along the Oresund, the peaceful setting gets your mood when you walk up the road and first see the building. The outdoor sculpture garden is serene, overlooking the water. A really cool cafe makes it perfect timing to plan to spend lunch, with windows overlooking the sea and a warmth like a cup of coffee. I lost some of my pictures, but check out what pops up on Flickr.


This was my favorite piece: a one-mirrored outhouse, set outside….

..and then step inside, with people just right outside the glass. I hear the first installation was outside the Tate in London, which I imagine made this even cooler.


To get to the small town of Humlebaek, you get a chance to take in Denmark's remarkable clean, silent train system.

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