(Trancoso, Brazil) — I’d read about Trancoso for some time, it just kept popping up in the right places. But when I was in a small Uruguayan hotel and met a photographer from Wallpaper and he said it was one of the coolest places he’d been, I knew I had to go. So I did. The peak season around Xmas is nuts all over Brazil, so if you’re thinking of going, book early. When I was there in early March, it was quite empty, but still incredible.

A once-isolated fishing village in Bahia, it was “rediscovered” by hippies in the 70s and has grown over the years into a world-class destination. You read about it everywhere now and it continues to change and evolve, with new places popping up each year. Basically, the village square sits several hundred feet above the beach, with a perfect colonial church at the end, and ringed by shops, galleries and great outdoor restaurants. Hotels are located either in town, or down below on the beach. All depends on what you’re looking for, but I like being on the beach. I wouldn’t call it glamorous, for example the town square is a little overgrown and you have to watch your step for where the random stray dogs leave their droppings. But it is all about the beach, so go there. Then come for a great dinner in town. You have to fly into Porto Segura, then rent a car and it’s about 2 hours south. A fast way inland, or you can take the really bumpy road along the coast, take a care ferry and take the scenic view.

Here are great articles from the NYTimes, Conde Nast Traveler under their 15 Places to See Now article, Vogue,












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