Like the perfect little black dress, but a hotel

(Sao Paulo) — There’s nothing over-the-top at the Fasano. Just classic, full-on attention to every simple detail — like a classic little black dress. It’s all the intense focus on details that rank it on nearly everyone’s Best Of hotels, not just in Brasil, but all of South America. It’s not opulent, it’s just right. The sleek rooms are roomy and fitted-out like the inside of a BMW. Taught. Necessary. Functional. Good to the touch.  At first, not fancy, but once you’re in there a bit, you realize every thing you see or touch has been well thought-out — from the incredible linens, to the floors, to the incredibly practical and spacious desks, to the feel to your toes of the Carrera marble showers. The bed looks functional, but once you slip in between the sheets, it all comes to life. Even when you check in, they ask “How many wireless devices do you have?” and give each one full access.  I’ve never seen that before, but that alone explains what can’t be captured in a few photos.

And the people. Friendly. Helpful. Welcoming. Genuine. I only stayed one night on a layover going to the island of Fernando de Naronha, and when I came back a week later, it felt like coming home. They remembered me, welcomed me back and asked if I wanted the same things again.

The location in Sao Paulo is about as good as can be: on a quiet street, in the perfect neighborhood, right where you want to be. I had fears from past trips to Sao Paulo and all the misleading news reports you hear about crime in SP, but the shopping area of Rua Oscar Freire is just a couple blocks away, it’s perfectly safe to walk around and some of the best restaurants in SP are right around the corner. Their Italian restaurant is famous throughout Brazil, but is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so my timing was unfortunate as both ends of my stays, I didn’t get to experience it.  But I would recommend planning around that as everything I’ve read says it’s amazing.

Check in, take a deep breath and say ahhhhhh.


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