(Cabo San Lucas) — Always on the tourist shots, riding horses on the beach is one of the sexiest things one can imagine. And it’s easy to do.  Lots of freelance horse companies on the beach, but we did a couple of rides through the Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center, just across the highway on the big wide beaches south of Cabo.  You can take the desert inland tour or divert directly to the beach.  We did both in two hours. Very nice people, very professional Horse People vs. someone just trying to make a buck off you. Ask for Felix. Funny and talented and good with a lasso. I’d suggest a two hour ride, starting at 4pm, go inland through the brush and cacti, then go down to the beach right at sunset. The peach sunlight makes for the absolute best photos and makes everyone look like movie stars.

Cabo horseback riding - 8

Cabo horseback riding - 7

Cabo horseback riding - 6

Cabo horseback riding - 9

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