[LISBON, PORTUGAL] — Here’s a great boutique design hotel to stay in Lisbon. The Lisboans.

When I got out of the taxi, I noticed the small, discrete sign out front, The Lisboans. I rang the doorbell and was buzzed in. A gregarious Mario welcomed me like a brother “You’re Dan?, we’ve been waiting for you, welcome to The Lisboans“.

He brought me through a small door into a room full of six or so people at open desks, working on their computers.

“Everyone, this is Dan.”

“Hiiii Daaan.” they all replied in unision, with smiles.

“Welcome to our Nerve Center where everything happens'”.  Everyone goes back to clacking away. Reservationists. Web people. Housekeeping. All right there. So refreshing.

On the wall was a big grid on a whiteboard, listing room numbers, check-in and check-out dates, and names scrawled next to each. First names only. Thomas. Rebecca. KarlPatric. Antonette. Like a snapshot of Europe, right there on the wall. And there was my name, next to 1B. Dan.

“Would you like something to drink? There’s an open bar cart right there. Stop in anytime during your stay.”


I could live here. Finally, I comfortable place with good comfortable seats. Bookshelves lined with not expected titles. Somebody put some thought into this.

I’ve stayed in some nice hotels in Lisbon, and there are a lot of great boutique hotels. And even more full-building Airbnb apartments that have spread like wildfire across all the old abandoned buildings in once-desolate Central Lisbon.  Most have been renovated over the past five years.  But The Lisboans is like the best of both worlds — it’s an “apartment hotel”, like an Airbnb but with guidance and advice from a super friendly staff.

The building is a renovated old commercial building, recently turned into 15 stunning apartments, with living rooms, bedrooms, baths and cool furnishings. Each comes with its own kitchen that they stock with all the essentials for you. Like coffee, fruit, granola and they drop off fresh baked goods every morning before 8am.

Four entrepreneurs — two former advertising art directors, a lawyer and an architect, “The Lisboans” — created this special idea when they found this classic old building and came up with the whole-building concept of well-designed, serviced apartments, a gourmet grocery store and a fine dining restaurant, all under one roof.

I had a cool two bedroom with gigantic soundproof doors that close to be totally quiet. A huge living room, with comfortable chairs and stocked with books. I’m bummed that I was only able to stay here one night, just and in-and-out stop from my trip to Alentejo. I had to wake up at 3:30am to make a 6am flight home.

I’m coming back.

The Rooms at The Lisboans

The Lisboans Apartments 1B bedroom
The bedrooms are perfect. With a stiff, non-saggy mattress and nice sheets and coverlets that I want to buy. I slept like a baby. The thing I loved was opening the windows. The cacophony of noise from the neighborhood streets. But they are soundproofed and shut tight, instantly filtering out the noise below.

One review I read said “This is a five star experience without paying a five star price.” With rooms that are double the size, at a fraction of the cost.

You Should Stay Here.

The Restaurant “Prado” at The Lisboans

In the same building are sister businesses. A gourmet grocery. A surprising fine dining restaurant called Prado.  I wasn’t there long enough to see the little market grocery, but did get to stumble upon an incredible meal at their sister restaurant Prado, next door. If you stay at The Lisboans, you can get a 10% discount here. More about that place in my other post.

Prado restaurant Lisbon
I stopped in the sister restaurant Prado because it was convenient, next door and I was hungry. Boy was I blown away. More details on my other posts. Whether you’re staying at The Lisboans or not, this is where you need to eat.


The Neighborhood Around The Lisboans

The Lisboans Apartments location
I’ve stayed in Lisbon before, in Barrio Alto and the Embassy District, but always shied away from the Central District, Baixa, But I fell in love with this one-off location just below the Castelo do S. Jorge, right between the hip Mouraira district and close to everything you want to see.

My favorite was the cool custom map they hand out with all their favorite places to skip the endless crowds. Cool local restaurants (and the best famous ones), great shops, underknown views and out of the way places.  You can download it here!

Lisbon Mouraria neighborhood view
A view of the Mouraria neighborhood
Castelo do S. Jorge
Castelo do S. Jorge. Definitely go up here, preferably in the morning, before all the crowds get there.
Alfama neighborhood view
Lisbon view
Lisbon coffee cart
Lisbon street scene
Lisbon street sign


More Information on Lisbon and The Lisboans Apartments

Here’s the listing where I found and booked The Lisboans, in the always reliable and selective Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels. And The Lisboans website. Absolutely stunning photos of The Lisboans in Pretty Hotels review. And a beautiful review by the beautiful Georgia Hopkins on A Hotel Life.

The Lisboans is often booked, there’s a similar hotel that friends have stayed at and loved.  Baixa House.

Five star reviews on TripAdvisor.  Here’s a great feature on The Lisboans and top things to do in Lisbon in Vogue.  And a listing and honest review in one of my favorite boutique hotel sites i-Escape.

Here are other posts I’ve made all about Lisbon. Boutique hotels, restaurants, things to do. And a great article in The Guardian on the best new restaurants in Lisbon. And a perfect roundup of Lisbon’s top restaurants in the UK Conde Nast Traveller.

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  • So enjoyed reading your review and I was interested because like you I’d never been much interested in staying in the Central District. Though we were at a wonderful delicatessen once in the area close to where you stayed. Love the idea of the space of an apartment with the guidance of a good hotel!

    • I totally loved this place, the style. The people. The helpful info. I wonder if that deli you went to was their sister deli. I didn’t get a chance to go, but everyone raves about it and it looks cool. Thanks for the kind words,

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