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A walk along a hip strip of Austin

(Austin) — Austin keeps going and going. And growing and growing. I know all my local friends bemoan the influx of new people, Californication and other bad elements, but really, there is so much cool stuff going on here, it puts most of the rest of the country to shame. Celebrate it. Make sure you check out the South Congress retail strip, uhhhh along South Congress. So many cool shops to browse and buy. Dip into the housing stock around there, some of the best in the country.  From the food truck yards to the shops to the restaurants, a great place to kill a half a day and walk away feeling good about what’s goin’ on. And humble your own neighborhood. Everyone’s friendly, the

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(BARCELONA) — El Born is a cool, quiet neighborhood away from the crazy crowds. Perfect for walking around, cool shops, mellow restaurants and beautiful streets.  There’s a great little square with four or five outdoor cafes, perfect to just sit and watch Barcelona go by.  Go here. Here’s a good article from The Guardian. Last visited July 2015      


(London) — A picture says a thousand words. Here are several pictures.  If you love wine, go here. Vinopolis  An incredibly well-designed Ode To Wine, tucked into the barrel vaults of a bridge, or whatever it is, in Bankside.…

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