(MADRID) — Dry Cosmopolitan Bar, the cocktail bar from Javier de las Muelas.  I’d read about it when I was in Barcelona last Christmas, put spaced making it there. But this year in Madrid, I saw they’d opened an outpost there and heard it was the bomb for cocktails. It was eerie walking in, almost like “The Shining”, but instead of Lloyd, it was just me and Ricardo. Nobody else in the place. I heard it was packed, always, but maybe it was the holidays, lack of tourists or Spain’s economy. In any case, I had Ricardo all to myself to understand the mysteries of making the perfect martini. The man was a master, going into detail of each step, from “dee ice must be dry” to the various temperatures and viscosities of different gins (he has 26 or behind the backbar) to the fact that he want hand it to you, he only serves it on a tray;”we must never touch deee glass, it will warm the drink”.  Seriously, it was Martini Heaven for me, one who drinks martinis every.single.night.  Perfectly done.  To me, the cocktail craze is nice, but I prefer the classic and simple.  And like a French chef who shows off his simple roast chicken, if they get that right, you know the rest of the place is going to be done perfectly.

He also hooked me up with the Vespers martini from the last Bond film, which I thought was a gimmick at first, but it may move into regular rotation.  Amazing place.  I was expecting a cool, hip place, but this was definitely Old School.  Loved it.

Oh wait, there was one other cool thing:  after I was served, he asked me to write down my name, then clicked a button under the bar and the scoreboard added on martini to their counter.  I got a completed certificate document and certifying the occasion. What a hoot!

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 01

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 02


Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 05



Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 03

I mean seriously. How funny is this? I was 12,087….and 88.

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 09

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 13

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 23

I was expecting a raucous, loud hip place, but this is more Old School than new.

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 24

Madrid Dry Martini Bar - 21

The Vespers martini…created for the last James Bond movie, which I wrote off as a gimmick, but actually may be my drink of choice. It’s made with vodka and gin, lemon and Lillet. Delightful.


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