Movie Star Treatment Above Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Tower - 59


(West Hollywood) — On a quick business trip to Los Angeles, booked a cool hotel I’d always read about and featured often in Vanity Fair: the Sunset Tower hotel. Always loved this building for years, but have never stayed here.

Luckily, I booked it on my favorite go-to hotel booking site, which isn’t your typical booking site, each hotel is vetted by the company and its users. Always dependable for the coolest hotels. When I checked in, the delightful front desk attendant casually mentioned a free glass of champagne, free breakfast and a very subtle “and we upgraded you to a penthouse room.” “Thank you very much” I said, not realizing what that really meant. I wheeled my stuff out of the elevator, opened the door and shrieked “holy shit!”.

This was a real penthouse, with a wrap-around terrace on all three sides, overlooking all West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and all the glory of LAdom. Room after room, it went on. To top it off, they apologetically closed off the pool and restaurant that night for the season premier party for Mad Men. So here I am, a dork from Denver, being treated like a rockstar while all the rockstars are around the pool below me. Pinch me.

Thank you Tablet Hotels. Thank you Sunset Tower. Really wish I could had a party….


Sunset Tower - 74

Sunset Tower - 71

Sunset Tower - 66

Sunset Tower - 51

Sunset Tower - 35

Sunset Tower - 45

Sunset Tower - 27

Sunset Tower - 26

Sunset Tower - 25

Sunset Tower - 22

Sunset Tower - 20

Sunset Tower - 13

Sunset Tower - 12

Sunset Tower - 07

Sunset Tower - 01

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