(Cabo San Lucas) — Cabo is crazy with Spring Breakers, but a few coves over is the luxurious Esperanza resort, far enough away from the maddening crowds, but close enough to benefit from the convenience of getting in/out of town.  Great casita set up, with wide opening doors, a cool hot tub on every deck and awesome pool, beach and grounds.  You never want to leave.  It’s ridiculously expensive, especially for Mexico — $1000/night is the new $500/night — and everything is extra…and extra expensive. (Think Hawaii Prices, not Mexico Prices).  But extremely nice people.  Some decent restaurants. You get your own personal concierge who pretty much looks after to you round the clock and arranges everything for you.  Ask for Fernando, he’s the best.  The good thing about the location is the you get both killer sunrises and sunsets, hard to find anywhere. Amazing light, all day and night. No humidity. Only a few bugs.  I’m not a resort person, but this is a really nice resort.

Tips:  ask for a casita along the ocean, otherwise you can get tucked inland.  They’re a little under-umbrella’d and under-chaired, so it’s a bit of a fight to get a decent spot to sun or shade, even any spot, so go down before breakfast and talk to our man Sergio and he’ll hold your spot. Juan Jose will cater to all of your drinking and eating needs throughout the day.  The wrangle for space was the main pain, especially at such an expensive place. Shouldn’t have to fight to relax.  It’s almost as bad as a Vegas hotel. But in the end, when you do mark your turf, you can relax and enjoy the quiet, mellow atmosphere.

Esperanza Cabo - 36

Esperanza Cabo - 31

Esperanza Cabo - 22

Esperanza Cabo - 35

Esperanza Cabo - 29

Once you’re situated, it makes it all worth it.

Esperanza Cabo - 42

Esperanza Cabo - 52

Make sure you get up early and try to snag one of the few cabanas on the beach. A perfect spot to relax all day and dip in and out of the sun.

Esperanza Cabo - 50

Amazing sunrises every single morning. Leave the windows and curtains open and great the sun each day. Best part of the trip.

Esperanza Cabo - 49

Esperanza Cabo - 48


Esperanza Cabo - 45

Esperanza Cabo - 44

Esperanza Cabo - 43

Esperanza Cabo - 41

Compared to the rest of Cabo’s wide maintained beaches, this setting is more natural and private.

Esperanza Cabo - 40

Esperanza Cabo - 39

Breakfast was our favorite meal of the day — and the only thing included in the exorbitant prices. You can eat at the common breakfast bar, but instead eat at Cocina del Mar and get some amazing Mexican specialties.

Esperanza Cabo - 38

Esperanza Cabo - 34

Esperanza Cabo - 33

Esperanza Cabo - 32

The pool and beach are unusually under-chaired and under-umbrella’d, so you have to get up early to snag a seat. This is what it looks like at 6:45am. By 8, everything is pretty much taken.

Esperanza Cabo - 30

Esperanza Cabo - 28

This was a great thing, a subtle infinity hot tub on every terrace. Not really into 104 degree water in 90 degree weather, but it really was a great place to rest on cool nights or after a horseback ride.

Esperanza Cabo - 27

Esperanza Cabo - 26

Esperanza Cabo - 24

Esperanza Cabo - 23


Esperanza Cabo - 19

Esperanza Cabo - 51

Esperanza Cabo - 37

Esperanza Cabo - 31

Esperanza Cabo - 21

Esperanza Cabo - 17

Really perfectly laid out rooms, quiet from neighbors, lots of space. With a walk of windows that open onto your terrace..which we left open nearly the whole time.




Esperanza Cabo - 20

Esperanza Cabo - 42

Esperanza Cabo - 25

Esperanza Cabo - 18


Esperanza map

The quiet cove is just around the bend from the chaos of Cabo bay, but seems a world away.

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