[BRUSSELS] — Trying to do a Mileage Run at the end of the year to top off the tanks, I found a cheap flight to Brussels, perfectly timed between Christmas and New Years, back by the end of the year.

The sad terrorist attacks had just occurred and I wanted to show my support but not letting those acts change our world. Plus, my hunch was right that the airfares and upgrades would be cheap with a lot of cancellations. I left on Christmas Day, went to Brussels, a day trip to Antwerp at some of my Instagram followers on-the-ground suggestions, then shot over to Prague for a couple of days.

After all these years going to Europe, I’d never gone to either country, so I was excited. And I was ready to eat. And drink some nice beer. Not much of a story here, mostly just a slide show, so click on the pics bellow and you can get a feel for Belgium at Christmas time.




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Last visited Christmas 2015

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