Cabo San Lucas


Horseback in Cabo

  (Cabo San Lucas) — Always on the tourist shots, riding horses on the beach is one of the sexiest things one can imagine. And it’s easy to do.  Lots of freelance horse companies on the beach, but we did a couple of rides through the Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center, just across the highway on the big wide beaches south of Cabo.  You can take the desert inland tour or divert directly to the beach.  We did both in two hours. Very nice people, very professional Horse People vs. someone just trying to make a buck off you. Ask for Felix. Funny and talented and good with a lasso. I’d suggest a two hour ride, starting at 4pm, go inland through the brush and cacti,

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Charter Sailing | Cabo San Lucas

  (Cabo San Lucas) — There are lots of ways to get out on the water to tour the rocks and beaches along the tip of the Baja Penninsula — party cruises, whale watching boats, tour groups — you’ve seen a million pictures of them, but I highly recommend you splurge a little and just charter your own boat, a sailboat even. For about $300-400 — whether its two people, two couples or six — for just a little bit more you can get your own ride and not have to deal with a bunch of drunken Spring Breakers woo-wooing and pounding beers and bumming your mellow. We chartered through our hotel through CaboSails, very professional, very attentive crew that left the itinerary up to us.

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Esperanza | Cabo San Lucas

(Cabo San Lucas) — Cabo is crazy with Spring Breakers, but a few coves over is the luxurious Esperanza resort, far enough away from the maddening crowds, but close enough to benefit from the convenience of getting in/out of town.  Great casita set up, with wide opening doors, a cool hot tub on every deck and awesome pool, beach and grounds.  You never want to leave.  It’s ridiculously expensive, especially for Mexico — $1000/night is the new $500/night — and everything is extra…and extra expensive. (Think Hawaii Prices, not Mexico Prices).  But extremely nice people.  Some decent restaurants. You get your own personal concierge who pretty much looks after to you round the clock and arranges everything for you.  Ask for Fernando, he’s the best.

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