You Should Eat Here in Buenos Aires

[BUENOS AIRES] — There are lots of amazing restaurants in Buenos Aires. Here are some of my new finds on my last trip in late February of 2014. We were just in and out on this trip, heading to Uruguay, but these are my favorites…the others were just okay. All of these are good. Add them to your list, but here’s how they look:


This was probably our favorite — we had many great meals at “let’s eat here” spur-of-the-moment local places, but Sucre was really special and better than the TripAdvisor reviews…typical. Extremely nice people. Great central location. Nothing more than burger on the sidewalk. We had fun. Go late.

Sucre - 21

Sucre - 06

Sucre - 10

Sucre - 03

Sucre - 04


Sucre - 33


I’ve posted before and this is a revisit. Sure, Cafe Tortoni a tourist trap, but it is a special First Time to Buenos Aires place. It is just such a beautifully classic place, you just have to stop in for a pick-me-up of gogo juice. A history lesson in a coffee cup.

Cafe Tortoni - 03

Cafe Tortoni - 04


Cafe Tortoni - 05

Cafe Tortoni - 06

Cafe Tortoni - 08

Cafe Tortoni - 11

Cafe Tortoni - 15


Cafe Tortoni - 16

Cafe Tortoni - 18

Cafe Tortoni - 19


Sure, great new burger joints are taking over the world. In a Land of Meat, this one was worth experiencing. In Palermo SoHo.We found this place on an Emergency Eating Episode and actually really loved it. A perfect post-flight visit before taking your first siesta.
Burger Joint - 2

Burger Joint - 3

Burger Joint - 4

Burger Joint - 6

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