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[BUENOS AIRES] — I recently got to go back to Buenos Aires in late February 0f 2013. You can read all the guidebooks about what to do, (and my previous posts) but here are updates on where I think you should go, do and see. So many great neighborhoods and sights…these are my favorites.


All the Palermo neighborhoods — Palermo Hollywood, Palermo SoHo, etc. Great low-rise neighborhoods of restaurants, the best shops and tons and tons of restaurants. The perfect part of the city for just walking block by block, meandering with no destination in mind, picking up the cool vibe and taking some nice meals. Some cool small and reasonably-priced hotels here, too.

Palermo Soho - 5

Palermo Soho - 8


Palermo Soho - 3

Palermo Soho - 4

Palermo Soho - 2

RETIRO — Quiet upscale, leafy neighborhood with embassies and some, but not a lot of nice things.

Retiro - 5



I wasn’t that excited about seeing another opera house, but we went here and I was pleasantly surprised, it really is cool. And a great place to kill an hour or two and escape from the heat.

Teatro Colon - 26

Teatro Colon - 29

Teatro Colon - 33

Teatro Colon - 25


Teatro Colon - 43

Teatro Colon - 10

Teatro Colon - 12

Teatro Colon - 02


Teatro Colon - 04


Teatro Colon - 06

Teatro Colon - 09


I love going to cool bookstores around the world and El Ateneo is always ranked among the best. Set in an old theater, it really is a cool place to duck into and wander around. Even pick up something to read.

El Ateno - 07

El Ateno - 09

El Ateno - 11

El Ateno - 15

El Ateno - 19


El Ateno - 02

El Ateno - 29


El Ateno - 22

El Ateno - 03

El Ateno - 06


Without question, save your Sunday morning to go here — the only day it is open. About the most perfect market, not with a bunch of imported crap, but lots and lots of cool things you really want to buy. Goes on for blocks, weaving throughout the delightful decay of old San Telmo. Go in the morning and find somewhere to eat. Really cool stuff to load up on, in perfectly art-directed booths. You can’t take a bad picture.
San Telmo - 03

San Telmo - 07

San Telmo - 10

San Telmo - 13

San Telmo - 22

San Telmo - 15


San Telmo - 16

San Telmo - 19


San Telmo - 20

San Telmo - 24

San Telmo - 23


San Telmo - 41

San Telmo - 42


The upscale neighborhood with lots of cool old buildings that reminds you why they call this “The Paris of South America”.  Gorgeous buildings. Some cool restaurants, but mostly residential. Definitely visit the cemetery, which everyone recommends and is worth it. You can see my other posts on the cemetery here.

Recoleta - 4

Recoleta - 3



The contemporary art museum. There’s always something cool here that surprises me. Every time. Usually featuring Argentine artists you don’t see anywhere else. Like this cool installation:

MALBA - 02

MALBA - 11
MALBA - 08

MALBA - 04


Okay, go.

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