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[CORSICA, FRANCE] — Smack in the middle of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea are two big islands, Sardinia and Corsica. Almost like twins, ripped apart, both jut out of the sea like breeching whales, with huge mountains in the middle and some of the best beaches in all of Europe, if not the world, ringing their rocking shores.

Corsica is a magical adventure land, with an infinite amount of sporty things to do. Hiking. Climbing. Canyoning. Snorkeling. Sailing. Boating. Or just sit on the beach. The middle is spiked with enormous shark-toothed mountains, some as high as the Alps, often dotted with snow year-round.  It’s only 200km long, but with a wild spread of geography that would rival entire countries 100x its size.  And we’re talking gnarly mountains, huge lumps of rocky, sharp granite that looks like it just bubbled up from below. Nasty mountains, impenetrable in spots and just as hard to navigate. There are no major highways, just windy two-lane roads that rarely have straight spots that weave through the craggy interior. Even though only 200km long, travel times take forever, even over short distances. It can take several hours just to cut across the middle, with zigzagging roads working their way through steep ravines and valleys.

In this post, I’m going to take you on a tour of the southern part of the island and it’s best beaches. Lots of beach pictures.


Corsica geography map

You can see how crazy this island is. Huge shark-toothed mountain ranges in the middle, pristine sand beaches dotting it’s edges. The change in geography is breath-taking around every corner. This amazing map was created by a nice Frenchman named Fabrice Weexsteen who has a great website of all the cool maps he makes and he was nice enough to let me use it here. Check it out:


Here’s a little picture tour of the beaches of Corsica in the south — at least the ones I’ve been able to get to. Moving counter clockwise from around seven o’clock to 4 o’clock. [CLICK ON A PIC TO OPEN UP THE STORIES]:



I tell ya, I spent two full weeks in Corsica and felt like I barely scratched the surface. There is so much to see and do on this little rocky island in the Med. I’ll break these posts into several parts of the island.  Also, here’s a picto-map of where all these places are on Corse:

Corsica Picto-Map


Here are some great reference articles for more details:

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This is an awesome site on Corsica, called Corsican Plaeces.  Here’s their detailed pages and pretty pictures of some of the same beaches.

And this is a fantastic article from Travel & Leisure called “Corsica’s Wild Beaches, Mountains and Beauty”

I’ve never seen this site before, but it has cool insight into other great beaches I didn’t know were there. On World’s Best Beaches.

And here’s a video slide show of some great pics of Corsican beaches, some I’ve never heard of.

Another great overview article of the south of Corsica from Conde Nast Traveler

And finally, here’s a great overview from The Independent.

Last visited: July 2015. First visited June 2000.



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