[CANYON POINT, ARIZONA] — About 30 minutes outside of Page, Arizona — home of the Lake Powell dam — is the second Aman Resorts property in the United States.  Amangiri. This is a review of the Amangiri hotel in Canyon Point, Utah, the best luxury hotel in the United States.

Based in Asia, Aman is the best of the best hotel chains on the planet and they’ve been rapidly expanding to dream destinations all over the world, almost always in distant and spectacular locations like this one. Aman Resorts are known for their understated Zen architecture and vibe and this one fits right into that. The location and buildings are the heroes here.

Amangiri best luxury hotel United States
You’ve never seen a resort disappear into its surroundings like this one. All purposefully blending into its setting, letting the drama of the landscape speak volumes.

Amangiri isolated in its own valley, 600 acres set amid Utah’s most stunning scenery, surrounded by towering canyon walls, with no sign of man for miles. It. Is. Spectacular.

Amangiri luxury hotel review

Every detail is perfectly and maniacally thought out. Every nook. Every cranny. Every doorknob. Every light. The architecture alone brings your blood pressure down to barely a murmur.

The service style is equally understated and elegant and friendly.  From the moment you weave through the canyons to arrive at the entrance, all the staff comes out to greet you on the front steps. From then on, you never have to say your name or room number, sign for anything, etc — they have some sort of system where they recognize you, your preferences from the day before and what your like and don’t like. THAT is the amazing thing that makes this extremely expensive property worth every single dollar.

I don’t like expensive, over-priced hotels, with butlers, fancy rooms and white glove service. But I’ll pay a fortune for a cool hotel in the middle of nowhere, where they have to generate their own power, treat their own water, grow their own food or have to truck or fly it in. To me, that’s worth it.  But without questions, this coolest hotel in the US is also one of the most expensive.  

With only forty or so rooms and a very low staff to guest ratio in a highly isolated area, that costs a lot.  Prepare to pay at least a thousand a night and closer to $1,500 or $2,000 in high peak.  We were there over Christmas and soon after it opened, so the word hadn’t spread yet. I could only afford a few nights, so we did as much as we can in three full days, but even just a few nights felt like a week long vacation, there’s so much to do.

Amangiri best luxury hotel pool
There’s even a world-class spa and heated pool. You can visit year-round. Even in the peak of winter, the pool beckons you to jump in…

The architecture of Amangiri stands out because it disappears. Letting the scenery and setting take center stage.

Amangiri canyon view
This is view from the breakfast room. The mid-winter sun rises late so you can watch it reveal all the layers of colors in the canyon walls. Like a paintbrush illuminating a page before your eyes.

Now, the setting. Canyons, canyons and dessert. Gentle hues of a beiges, browns, sands and creams abound, inside and out of the resort.  Here’s a fantastic Amangiri video of the whole place that gives you a feel of the zen.

Amangiri room detail
Amangiri room entrance
There are secret design surprises around every turn, like how this purpose-built nook at your private room entrance reflects the sunset for just a short time of the day. All for your visual pleasure.
Amangiri pool at sunset
As if you hadn’t noticed yet, the pool takes centerstage, with the resort buildings wrapped gently around the imposing canyon walls. Takes your breath away.
Amangiri sitting area view
Dawn at Amangiri
The light changes the entire scenery by the hour, if not the minute, casting light and shadows like a day-long light show.


The Rooms at Amangiri

Amangiri room view
Each room faces outward, with unobstructed views of the canyon walls, further making you feel like you have the whole canyon to yourself. From the sun to the moon, you want to sleep with the curtains open.

All rooms face outward and you have unrestricted views of the nearby canyon walls. Nobody to interrupt your mellow. And at only 40+ rooms, the overall quiet of the place is what makes it hum. I just get relaxed thinking of it. And all are big suites, some with their own private pool. If you can splash for it, book one with a fire pit on the roof.

Amangiri room fire pit
Most of the Amangiri rooms have their own private outdoor seating area, complete with clean-burning ethanol fire pit, taking the chill off the cool evening air.

Adventure Activities at Amangiri

Amangiri hiking trail

The surrounding canyon lands are also the star at this adventure-based resort. There are numerous hikes on the property and the nearby national parks are there for the exploring. They’ll even charter a helicopter to pick you up on-site and whisk you up to all the world-class national parks like Zion and Bryce. But we barely left the place, there was so much to do… and not do.  Here’s a menu of all the things you can do at Amangiri, from Via Ferrata to horseback riding, to hiking, to boating to ballooning to choppering all over Utah.

Amangiri hike destination
They’ve shot some Westerns in this old cave. This is an easy walk across the canyon from the hotel. Highly recommend it.

The best part of the hotel is the adventure component. You can arrange for guides to take you on tours that elevate your experience; well-educated peeps that teach you all about the history, the lore, and the geology. They even have their own Via Ferrata course, which I didn’t understand at the time, but wish we would have taken.

One of the coolest and most decadent benefits included in Amangiri’s rich price: they have a fleet of spanking new BMW X6 SUVs that you can “loan” for exploring on your own. In keeping with “Aman Style”….you don’t have to rent them, sign them out, do a walk-thru or even pay for them. “You want to take the car for a while? Here you go…have fun.”  You take it out for a half-day and when you return all they say is “How was your adventure? What’d you see?” You hand them the keys and that’s it. No paperwork. No walk-thrus to check for dings. THAT is what makes Aman different than all other places. It was like having TSA Pre…but with a $70,000 rental car…. You can even rent a helicopter to take you up into the Utah canyonlands.

We went over Christmas of 2013 and it was the perfect antidote to the over-commercialized American Christmas. Ahhhhhhh.  I tried to book again this year, but the popularity of the place has really skyrocketed and now this off-season is now peak season.  But winter is an ideal time to escape and you can find greater availability outside of the Christmas holiday. The days are warmed with the sun and the nights cool. So being in the desert is palatable. I can’t imagine how hot it must get in the summer. Go here off-peak and you’ll nearly have the place to yourself.

Exploring Outside Amangiri

Venturing Out to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Arizona
About a half hour away is the world famous Horseshoe Bend extension off of Lake Powell. So cool, but expect crowds. It was crowded when we were there, but that was before Instagram. I hear it is crawling with people now. Go early or late in the day.

When we were there, you could walk right up to the edge. But I’ve seen recent pics that have some sort of railing or fence.

Visiting the Surprising Toadstools National Park

Toadstools Arizona
I kept humming the them to The Flinstones here. “Willlmaaaaaa!”

A land of balanced rock formations which look like mushrooms, The Toadstools is an enchanting wilderness area accessed via an easy to moderate 1.5-mile round-trip hike located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument about a half hour drive from Amangiri. You gotta go see it.  My favorite part was we saw only two other people on the hour and a half we poked around these crazy rock formations. The hotel’s adventure desk can give you directions. Here is some more information and maps. The area is called a number of different names: The Toadstools. The Hoodoo Toadstools or the Paria Rimrock Toadstool Hoodoos.  No matter what you call it, plan to spend an afternoon here, winter or summer.  Here’s a link to the All Trails page on this park, outside of Page.

Trail overlook Paria Rimrocks hoodoos
Just stunning.

Lake Powell

Amangiri Lake Powell
Of course, the every-dwindling Lake Powell is right around the corner, there for you to explore.

The Amazing Antelope Canyon

 Antelope Canyon formations
About a half hour outside of Page is the Antelope Canyon area — upper and lower — a very narrow wind and water formed canyon that’s just a slit in the ground. The space is tight and visitors limited, so make sure you make reservations online beforehand. This concession is run by the local Native American tribe, which sounds like it would be cool, but actually takes away from the experience. Like a bunch of local kids who don’t really want to be there, don’t show much care about the place or sharing it. Or about you. So expect a dead-fish reception as they drag you through this incredible place. BUT they do know how to set your camera and take photos, so that’s worth the extra tip. Can be challenging to capture in this low light slot canyon.


More Information on Amangiri

The hotel’s website:

Google this property and you can see what everyone is talking about. Forbes. Travel & Leisure. Men’s Journal. Conde Nast Traveler, which really nails the pool shot that I couldn’t capture. There are hundreds more. They don’t just have a great PR firm, the site speaks volumes.

Here are some reviews from Trip Advisor. And The Points Guy review. US News and World Report’s review. Great overview from Mike’s Roadtrip. And a review in  The Telegraph…who always seems to be everywhere before I get there. And overview in Conde Nast Traveler. And a review in Forbes.

And another great article from Luxury Travel Expert on the Top 10 Aman Resorts.

Amangiri map situ

Go to Google Maps and….google it. Check out the dramatic moonscape of the nearby canyons and how far removed you are from civilization. Nothing but you and the Earth.

Amangiri location
Here’s how close Amangiri is to Lake Powell

— Last Visited December 2013 — Post updated January 2020 — 

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