[DOURO VALLEY, PORTUGAL] — I see all these Instagram peeps hitting Porto taking pictures of the big bridge, climbing up its steep hills, drinking some port and then bolting.

But really what they’re missing is a day trip (or longer) up the Douro River to visit the incredible, hilly stair step vineyards of the Douro Valley, one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been.

I dunno, I’m over wine tours, once you see a few, they’re all the same to me — “Is that French oak or American? How long in stainless??” — poke me in the eye with a stick…but that’s just me…

view of Douro River

But the Douro Valley is different. Hilly. Steep. Flinty mounds of luscious green heaven pouring down to a mellow meandering river. Each and every hill terraced from top to bottom with luscious rows of grapes. 

You can take a day-trip tour out of Porto like I did, but I regret not coming out here and staying in one of the few, but cool, new hotels that have opened up here in recent years and really get immersed in the mellow vibe. Like this one, the brand new Six Senses hotel, straddling a hilltop, overlooking the sauntering Douro River below.

But however you do it, I strongly recommend that you park your car and let Douro Exclusive do the driving. A sweet husband and wife team, Ana and Marco, that quit their office jobs and moved back home to start their own tour company. They grew up here, so they know everybody and every hilltop and backwater road to the best views.  Ana does the talking and Marco drives like Ayrton Senna, whipping their luxury van around all the backroads like an F1 track.  [Like always, I don’t get these tours for free, I pay for them. So when I gush, it’s real. These two are the real deal. So happy to recommend.]

What makes their tours special is that they are less about wine-tastings and visiting the many wineries and more about the beauty of this valley, its people and important history in the evolution of wine. (That’s my picture of them on their website!). Take their Silver Tour and you’ll stop at a vineyard, take a short boat ride to see the hills from the water, stop for an amazing lunch at famous chef Rui Paula’s DOC restaurant right on the water… and end the day at the best mountaintop views of the best stretch of the valley.

Even if you’re not doing wine tours, just driving around here is like being in another world. That’s not Vietnam. Those aren’t rice patties. That’s wine.

Touring Douro Valley with Douro Exclusive

Click on a pic to begin your tour:


Fonseca ports Douro Valley

Ana takes you exclusively into wineries from friends she knows. She is so knowledgable that they let her lead the tours herself.

Rui Paula’s stunning DOC restaurant. Smack right on the river.

What I loved about Douro Exclusive tour of the Douro Valley was it was more about understanding the incredible land and its importance as one of the world’s first big wine production areas, not a full-on wine tasting tour. So this was perfect pour moi.

Douro Exclusive’s tour was more about natural beauty than copping a buzz.

DOM Douro Valley terrace

Touring Fonseca’s Quinta do Panascal Winery

We did stop at one vineyard, Quinta do Panascal, the flagship vineyard owned by the big producer, Fonseca.

Nestled right along the mellow Tàvora River before it feeds into the Douro, they say the best grapes in Portugal come from this little valley right here. Just a dreamy location to stop and learn the quirky history of port.

Last visited April 2015.


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This is what you need. Contact them.

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  • “poke me in the eye with a stick”… you are so funny. I know exactly what you are saying.
    It is always refreshing when you find a place that exceeds your prior experiences, and this place looks amazing!

    • I’m just making it up as I go, Cathy! It is such an amazing place. I’m going back in September and spend more time and dragging some friends along. Prettiest vineyards I’ve ever seen.

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